Art History Mornings at The Beecroft Gallery 2018: British Art Groups (1830s – present day)

Saturday 27th January

Joshua Reynolds vs. William Blake

As first President of the Royal Academy of Arts, Sir Joshua Reynolds delivered a series of influential lectures outlining the establishment of a Grand Style of painting, but not everyone agreed with him. Today we’ll explore the early years of the Royal Academy, contrasting the art and ideas of Reynolds with those of William Blake. 

Glad Day or The Dance of Albion, c.1794 (etching with w/c)

[William Blake: The Dance of Albion (1794), The British Library c/o @BridgemanImages]

Meetings are held 10.30am – 12.30pm in the Beecroft Gallery lecture theatre.
Each talk costs £10 and includes tea/coffee (biscuits!)
For further information please contact Mark Banting by email or via twitter @TheCommonViewer
These monthly Saturday morning art history talks are educational yet informal and open to anyone with an interest in art.

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Saturday 24th February: Samuel Palmer and The Ancients

Inspired by William Blake, the young Samuel Palmer founded The Ancients, a group of artists who saw, in the surroundings of Shoreham, Kent, a nook of brilliant and spiritual beauty. There they painted and engraved works that, like jewels, astound us still today with their visionary aesthetic.